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A Kinder Surprise In Italy!
As summer comes to a close I am reflective of the wonderful months that have gone by.  My family was fortunate enough to take a trip to Italy for three weeks.  We had been planning the trip for over a year and all of our extended family and some close friends were able to join […]

Forty Seven Photos
Forty seven. I stumbled upon an online photo album from the night we got engaged. And there were forty seven photos of the ring that had just been placed on my finger. Forty seven. I would have laughed if I weren’t so ashamed of myself. After eight years of marriage I know that the size, the .....

"EB"ing a Mommy

Happy 5th Birthday, Tripp.

Resourceful Mommy

#DisneyKids August Twitter Party
  Just because it’s back to school time, doesn’t mean the fun has to end!  We’ve had so much fun talking Disney Parks with everyone over the past few months that we’ve decided to keep the party going with another #DisneyKids twitter party! Disney Kids Twitter Party  .....

The Smart Mama

A few of my favorite things . . . .
I made a goal to post every day just recently, but I have tons of work today (my day job, gardening, canning and being a mom) and I can’t seem to focus enough to write anything coherent. So, I will just leave you with a photograph of my new favorite, best ever, wickedly delicious treat:.....

What’s the big deal?
I’ve recently decided to start exercising again, and I’ve even done a few runs this week (and not just to the liquor store).  In fact, I’m already up to par with a lot of other runners even though it’s been five years since I...

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