About the National Mother’s Hall of Fame

The story of the National Mother’s Hall of Fame really begins in the late 1800’s when my grandmother Rose Romeo was born, because of the love, devotion, nurturing, and development that she practiced as a mother. She passed this onto her children, who practiced the same love, devotion, nurturing, and development of their children and family. It is because of this dedication to the profession of motherhood that surrounded me throughout my life that the National Mother’s Hall of Fame came to be.

On 9/11/2002, the one year anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center, my Aunt Catherine Romeo lost her battle with cancer. Aunt Kay never married and had no children, but she was like a second mom to my siblings and I, and so to honor her, I delivered a eulogy at her funeral.

Reflecting on that experience, I thought about my mother, and wanted to honor her while she was still living, and didn't want to wait until it was too late for her to receive the appreciation that she deserved for being a great mother. So after a lot of thought, I decided that the most prestigious honor that I could recognize her with would be to put her in a hall of fame for mothers. The problem was that I couldn’t find any credible hall of fame for mothers, which is why I established the National Mother’s Hall of Fame as a place to honor my mother, and yours too.

On Mother’s Day of 2005, I presented my mother a framed certificate of induction into the National Mothers Hall of Fame, and it was officially open and available on the internet for any mother to be nominated into.

Official and Credible

The National Mother’s Hall of Fame received a trademark from the United States Trademark and Patent Office on March 10, 2009. The National Mother's Hall of Fame is a division of the Hall of Fame Corp.

Dedicated to recognizing mothers with the highest honor – “A Hall of Fame Mother” and enabling all mothers to share and collaborate, we have built a team to continuously update, improve, and monitor the features and standards of the National Mother’s Hall of Fame. In March of 2012, we published updates to include the sharing of a Mother’s Warmth (HOF Mother’s stories and other mothers blogs), Wisdom (HOF Mother’s best advice and all mothers discussions and tips), and Recipes from HOF Mothers.

We hope you enjoy the National Mother’s Hall of Fame and we welcome all comments and suggestions that you may have.