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Five Reasons not to Immunize Baby (Yet)

Parents need to educate themselves and make a decision whether they believe the benefits outweigh the risks of vaccines...reasons why I haven't vaccinated yet.

The post Five Reasons not to Immunize B.....

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Four years at Automattic!
Well, you know I love an anniversary. But this is a big one! No, for real this time. After you’ve been at Automattic for four years, you get a new custom laptop with a lit up W (or Jetpack logo, or Automattic logo. I went with the W.) It’ll be a while before I actually […].....

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Sådan vælger du det bedste musikalbumfoto plakatdesign
Intet kan være køligere end at være en bandsanger og spille nogle rock melodier med dine bandkammerater. Livet er nemt for et band, fordi du kan komme til at udføre foran live publikum, mens du tjener store bukke til at spille sangene, som du elsker at spille. Hvis du er band fortsætter med at .....

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