Betty Lou Davis

Was inducted into the
National Mothers Hall of Fame
on April 10th, 2012

Hometown: Warren, In.

Her Children Are:

Betty Davis has been nominated and inducted into the
National Mothers Hall of Fame because:

My mother is not only the best mom ever, she is my best friend. My father pass away when I was only 12 I was the youngest of 4 children, mom worked sometime 3 jobs to make sure we all had what we needed. she was always thinking of her children never of herself...she is the best rolemodle a daughter or son could ask mom is my rock if not for her I would not be the loving caring person I am today..

Betty Davis's favorite sayings are:

call me when you get there...

Betty Davis's best advice is:

don't drink and drive...
always think before you speak..

Betty Davis's best recipes are:

beef and noodles

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