Sally Helene Fitlow

Was inducted into the
National Mothers Hall of Fame
on April 22nd, 2012

Hometown: Novi, Michigan

Her Children Are:
Tammy, Nikki

Married to Fred Fitlow

Sally Fitlow has been nominated and inducted into the
National Mothers Hall of Fame because:

Sally was always an amazing mom but she proved herself beyond a shadow of a doubt when I was in my late teens. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 19 and it was far from controlled at that point. My mom was the one who held me when I cried and spent hours on the phone trying to make mindless conversation when I wouldn't talk to her but wouldn't hang up the phone either. She checked up on me to see if I was taking my medicine and she made sure I knew she was always there in the wings waiting to rescue me if I needed it. On a number of occasions, she would drive up to Ypsilanti, where I was going to college, and save me from myself in the middle of the night. To this day, I have no idea how she managed to drive there so quickly! As I progressed with my illness, I had times where I was very depressed, anxious and/or irritable. To say I took it out on my mom would be an understatement. I abused her with my words and the only reason I can think of that I treated her that way is because she was the person in my life who I knew would be standing there with open arms no matter what I said or did. There she was, exhausted, hurt by my words, and drained of energy from all the attention she was giving me and yet she had a smile on her face, a gentle word and always a hug. She devoted herself to keeping me safe and getting me healthy. She would drop anything to run to my aid at a seconds notice. She learned everything she could about bipolar disorder so she could figure out the best ways to be there for me. I have often said that I lost 5 years of my life to bipolar as I truly was not functioning properly or living independently during that time period. What I realize now is that my mom also lost those same five years. She put everything on hold to be everything to me. Today, I am much healthier and I do live independently and yet my mother is still there. She has a sixth sense that she can tell I am relapsing before I can. She make sure I do not let it go and end up feeling worse than necessary. She is the only one who I would actually appreciate calling me to ask, "Did you take your medicine today?" or tell me as I am crying, "Go make a cup of tea. You will feel better." She is even helping to "train" my boyfriend so he can help me as well. I constantly thank her and apologize to her for my behavior but no matter what I have said to hurt her, the answer is always, "I understand" or even "There is no need to thank me." She doesn't realize there are thousands of reasons for which I thank her and will always be grateful to her. There is another reason that I am nominating my mom though and that is that she is my best friend, my support and the person I know I can always turn to. She is the person who power shops with me, conquering an entire mall in less than an hour. She is someone who I can laugh with until I cry. She is the person who I can spend a weekend cutting, pasting and giggling with while I prepare for my job as a preschool religious school teacher and most important, at 34 years old, when I am feeling bad about anything, talking to my mom still makes me feel like it is all going to be okay.

Sally Fitlow's favorite sayings are:

Go make a cup of tea.
Do I look like the entertainment committee?
No need to thank me.

Sally Fitlow's best advice is:

Take a deep breath.
Slow down.

Sally Fitlow's best recipes are:

Minestrone Soup
Strawberry Trifle
Chex Mix

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