Janet Lee Rentfrow

Was inducted into the
National Mothers Hall of Fame
on May 12th, 2012

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN

Her Children Are:
George Stanley II, William Stanley, Kris Stanley, Megan Rentfrow

Janet Rentfrow has been nominated and inducted into the
National Mothers Hall of Fame because:

I would like to have our mother nominated into the Hall of Fame because she has endured hardships and showed courage when many would have given up. She was one of the eldest daughters of a family of 8 and while peers her age were out playing, she spent her time caring for her younger siblings. As the years past on, she married early after high school and due to a tragic event found herself the single mother to us four children. 2 having mental disabilities and 1 being a 6 month old baby. When I was young, we were very poor and I can remember just getting by. A lot of the time there was little food in the home, what was there was state provided and we lived in a lot of different trailer parks. But what our home lacked in materials, it was rich in love. An example is a day I can remember vividly is her saving my life. I was only 5 and she was taking college courses at the local college and while she was talking with one of the teachers near the pool, I decided to jump off of the diving board into the pool. I didn't know how to swim. I didn't know anything really, just that everyone looked pretty cool doing it on T.V. Typical boy stuff. But I remember hitting the water and coming up just long enough to see my mom and the teacher before I started going back under. I pretty much just freaked out and started sucking in water and flailing my arms and legs. I don't know if I splashed the top or if they just heard me dive, but I can recall being pulled up and seeing the teacher hopping on one leg trying to get one of her shoes off. Not my mom though. She was in there, fully clothed, pulling me to the edge without a second thought. And I pick this memory, out of so many, to honor her because it really embodies who she is. She is someone who without out a thought would do anything she could for those she loves. Even right now she spends most days helping raise her grandchildren while simultaniously overseeing one son in adult foster care and being the legal guardian to another. None of us kids would be where we are today without her unfailing support, her enduring guidance or without her unconditional love. She really is a pillar of strength and no matter how far off the path we've ever been, she has always been there to help us get back on track. Thanks for not giving up on us, believing in us and for just being you. I'm proud to have you as a mother. I love you.

Janet Rentfrow's favorite sayings are:

Every cloud has a silver lining
Your daddy wasn't a glassblower
Were you born in a barn

Janet Rentfrow's best advice is:

Everything happens for a reason
Sometimes the answers don't come to you until your ready
Blood is thicker than water

Janet Rentfrow's best recipes are:

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