Dorothy Jean Sloan-Kearns

Was inducted into the
National Mothers Hall of Fame
on May 14th, 2012

Hometown: Safety Harbor, Florida

Her Children Are:
Sloan, Hailey, Edward, Thomas

Married to Conrad Kearns

Dorothy Sloan-Kearns has been nominated and inducted into the
National Mothers Hall of Fame because:

Dotty is an amazing mother and exceptional human being. She has been married for 10 and 1/2 years. She has two daughters of her own, aged nine and six. She has adopted one little boy (three and 1/2) and is now in the process of adopting the boy's biological little brother, who is two and 1/2. Dotty works full time in computer sciences and training services. She is a strong beliver in quality elementary education. The two oldest children attend a private parochial school and the younger boys are in a Montessori academy. Dotty is also a gourmet cook. She only serves natural and organic foods to the family. She grows many of her own vegtables and herbs. In addition, she is quite physically fit. She works out often. On her tenth wedding anniversary, she wore the same size two, dress she had on when she became engaged 11 years earlier! Dotty is an extremely competent person with a great sense of humor. Juggling four little children, adopting two, helping with homework, working a full time job, serving only healthy food and maintaining a house are only some of the reasons why Dorothy Sloan-Kearns is a National Hall of Fame Mother.

Dorothy Sloan-Kearns's favorite sayings are:

I Love You!
What would you like?
Is your homework done?

Dorothy Sloan-Kearns's best advice is:

Get a good education.
Wash your hands.
Fasten your seatbelt!

Dorothy Sloan-Kearns's best recipes are:

Chicken Parm
Chicken with Feta & Calamata Olives
Caprice Salad

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