Patricia Roselyn Fernandez

Was inducted into the
National Mothers Hall of Fame
on August 4th, 2013

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Her Children Are:
Nigel , Miguel

Patricia Fernandez has been nominated and inducted into the
National Mothers Hall of Fame because:

Every one has moms who have done something that has the right to be in this great Hall Of Fame. No matter how bad the situation you can always depend on mom .I would like to tell you why my mother is of of those who is in a class by her self. There has never been a time that my brother or my self have ever wanted. For instance I remembered when my mom got her first job in the U.S . At first she was scared moving from her home Land of Trinidad and Tobago to the United States, but she wanted to give my brother and my self a better life. Her first job was being a home help aid it was OK, but my mom wanted to do more . Later one of her friends suggested applying for a job at the local clinic's in Brooklyn. Well she applied to many got turned down a few times . Then one day this one particular call in her for an interview. It names was Beford Stuyvesant Family Health Center .Its funny how faith works,my mom said to her self " I could see myself running this place". Bold words for someone new to this land. Let alone ever have any idea how a clinic works. Well after a couple of years of going to Borough of Manhattan Community college Patrica made the deans list got her degree., Then her next challenge she went to City college where wanted to learn more about business and believe it or not she did so well there mom made the deans list and as and added bonus made magna cum laude that very year . You would think she would stop there . But no not my mother Patricia final destination was Metropolitan College. Where what she did is where champions become Legends. She graduated getting her Masters Degree in Business and the same time was invited by the school board to become one there board chairs. At the present moment one of her books that she wrote in school is what present day students are using as a guide to make it in business.So by juggling a full College Life and working full time and on top of that making sure that my self and my brother was taken cared off was a feet that up to this day I still do not know how she pulled it off. With all that I am proud to present my mom the rock that has held this family together I humbly present to you the Bedford's Stuyvesant Family Health Center newest boss. the shot caller the go to person. Ms. Patricia R Fernandez. CEO.

Patricia Fernandez's favorite sayings are:

Always Beliven in God
When you get a pay check. Give to the church
Never be afraid to try something new

Patricia Fernandez's best advice is:

Dont' Say you cannot do it
Always try to have money saved
Belive in your strengths

Patricia Fernandez's best recipes are:

Stew Fish with rice and peas
Stew Pork with Stew chicken . With peas in coconut milk with white rice
Penne La Vodka pasta with a hom,e made Garden Salad

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